Beautiful, Abstract Photos of People Having Sex

This is what we call sex positive.


The artistic duo known simply as Constance and Eric have photographed nearly 140 people having sex. The hazy images are sensual, not smutty, and reveal an intimacy and authenticity too frequently absent from erotic photography — a label the artists tend to shy away from. While the abstract depiction offers anonymity to their models, it was a technique Constance and Eric adopted with a greater, sex-positive message in mind. “We had the idea that if you strip out a majority of recognizable features, you could really get to the universal core of sexuality,” Eric told Nerve in a recent interview. “A hand on your lover’s back is the same no matter the shape, age, size, color, or sexual orientation. It’s one of the few things that connects us all as humans,” Constance beautifully concluded. See more of Constance and Eric’s photos in our gallery.

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