Why I Hate Coldplay…I Mean, Foreplay

I don’t hate foreplay.  But I hate the term. The concept.

Sorry boys, my mistake. Carry on.

Sorry boys, my mistake. Carry on.

This notion that everything that comes before penis-entering-vagina (or asshole) is just leading up to that moment where the heavens part and the uglies bump; well, it’s insulting. That’s a whole lot of fun dismissed as less-than.

I will concede that there are moments where nothing but the fuck will do.  But I refuse to privilege vaginal or anal intercourse over the rest of those beautiful flowers growing in my carnal garden of delights! That would be…vaginonormative!

Eating pussy? That’s sex.

Sucking cock? Also sex.  Licking balls? That’s sex too.

Finger fucking? Rimming? Ass play? Sex, sex, sex.

Getting your nipples sucked and chewed on while grinding on the thigh thrust between your legs?  You betcha that’s sex.

Let’s not get all Bill Clinton up in here.

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