Strap It On


-Beg for it, I tell the squirming man stretched out across my lap.

-If you want more, you have to beg for it.

He stammers, pants. -I don’t want to!

– Beg, I said!

– No!

I let his rectum push out one lubed finger. The ring of muscle is strong; I have to apply consistent pressure to keep my three fingers lodged inside him.

No! No! He lifts up his head, panicked. I need more.

What’s that?

I need more, he half whispers, half whimpers.

More what?

Please put another finger in my ass.

I work my index finger back into his slippery hole, tight and smooth.

Pete is the freakiest guy I know. He likes pee play and enemas. He loves getting fucked in the ass and doesn’t care if it’s a guy or girl who does it. He’s an exhibitionist and voyeur; he puts on girls’ panties and dances around on webcam.

Later, his pink asshole is in my face, mauvish scrotum dangling below. I lick him, tongue wide, pressure solid, from his balls to his pucker. He moans into my pussy. I do it again and again, finally lingering on his asshole, making long slow circles, not letting up, not lifting up. His moans rise in pitch, almost frantic. He cums three times that night; I am a world-class ass eater and a kinky sex queen, clearly.

In the afterglow I ask him if he’s into strap-ons. -Why? he asks, excited. -You got one?

No. But I can get one.

I need to fuck Pete’s ass and this necessitates the purchase of gear, so I head to our local seedy sex shop and plunk down a surprising amount of cash for what amounts to a few nylon webbing straps and D-rings. I bypass the James Deen dildo (love you, JD) for a modest, nonthreatening black protuberance which looks more like a Minion than a penis.  Average length but thick.  Just how mama likes ’em.  When I get home, I wrestle with straps and buckles and adjustable doodads until I get it snug enough to thrust. I roll a condom on my cock and feel like a stud. I recycle the box, because I am a pervert who loves the earth.

I usually wait for Pete naked; this time, I’m naked under the covers, hiding our new friend. Pete arrives, he’s ready, butt plug held in place by a black thong edged in green.  I rub some thick lube on Pete’s pucker, slide my finger in. He’s relaxed. Ready.

I nuzzle his hole with the head of my cock, push against him lightly. Nothing. I push harder.

-Ah, ah, he gasps, his hand paws at the air.  Wait.  I stop and wait for him to adjust.


I lean into him and watch his asshole swallowing my cock. Pete is groaning, his face planted in the mattress.

Oh God, he says. So fucking hot.

If I had balls, I’d be balls deep in Pete right now. I tilt my hips back; my dick comes easing back out. Forward and ease back into him. He moans again.

-So good, he says.

I smack his ass.

What has two thumbs and loves her new dick? This guy.

6 thoughts on “Strap It On

  1. That seems kinda gay. I, for one would never allow this unless I was wearing a negligee and a wig, got slapped in the face, called a bitch and forced to suck it first.

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