The Four Words



Sexual technique takes practice, and practice requires a partner. Yeah, we all like to think we can become the world’s greatest lay by watching porn, but experience proves otherwise. But you can improve your game with just four little words. 

Want a girl to remember you forever? Utter these magic words during your sexual congress and you will earn a place in your eternal:

“You’re so fucking hot.” 

You should say this as you’re about to enter her. It’s happened to me twice and I will never, ever forget it. Something about hearing that while lying there, legs spread, open, naked, as exposed and vulnerable as a person can be…physically, psychologically…it’s approval, acceptance, and a hug wrapped up into one. Then fuck her silly.

If you want to make an impression on a guy, these are your four words: “I love your cock.” 

By professing your love for his cock, you’re giving him the same psychic hug but you’re also showing that the two of you have something in common. Guys love their cocks, and this compliment avoids the conundrum of the “Your cock is so _____” (i.e., saying it’s big when it’s clearly not). Then take him deep and gag all over it. 

One thought on “The Four Words

  1. I totally agree with the four words a guys wants to hear. While it’s not always the center of our universes, we do really love our cocks and if we hear that from you too, well it’s just the bee’s knees. Hearing it just before you put it in your mouth… the best!

    By the way welfare milf, are we going to see you make a submission on FLGS? What sexual wisdom will you share?

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