I Can’t Hear You When My Pussy’s On Your Face


Cunnilingus is like a religion for me. The feeling of a soft warm tongue massaging my vulva until I buck and shudder in orgasm is ecstasy, like seeing God, only with a cute boy’s face pressed between my legs.

Think eating pussy is okay? Next. Willing to eat my pussy? Not good enough. Like to eat it? That’s better, but it doesn’t approach what I’m really looking for.

You have to crave my sex on your lips. As you’re ripping my clothes off, your precoital thoughts should be about feeling my folds throb and swell under your tongue. You have to be aching to worship at the fragrant altar of my cunt.

Nothing turns me on more than a guy who gets his face wet at his first opportunity. And nothing irritates me like a conditional pussy eater. “I don’t mind eating pussy,” they say, “but…” But what? What that means is I will eat pussy, but I won’t eat yours. And that’s worse than not eating it at all. Because I don’t give a shit if you’ll eat the next gal’s pussy: I only care that you’ll eat mine. And since cunnilingus is a religion for me, not eating my pussy is sacrilege.

Don’t be one of those guys. If she’s good enough to fuck, she’s good enough to eat.

For my eager pussy-eating readers, I crowdsourced cunnilingus tips, and got some great ones, but I wanted include this enlightened pussy eater because I’d experienced him myself. Pay attention! He knows of what he speaks.

Enjoy it. Immerse [yourself] in the smells and textures and tastes and let it fuel your drive and your talk. Let her know how hungry she makes you.

Use everything, taste everything. The tip of the tongue on the clit can be a nice introduction, but why not use your whole mouth—lips, tongue—on her whole cunt? Make out with her beautiful pussy. Suck, knead, probe, lick, wiggle. Explore the terrain, get to know it.

Fingers are your friend. Use them.

Repetition can be a curse or it can be the key. Pay attention. Feedback is critical—ask, “when you like something, let me know.” Let her reaction guide you, and when you’re on to something, do not stop. Suffer neck spasms, tongue cramps, chafing, whatever, just do not stop.


One thought on “I Can’t Hear You When My Pussy’s On Your Face

  1. Yum Yum:
    For me eating pussy has become an art form. My mouth engulfs your entire pussy like eating an over ripened piece of fruit, not willing to let a single drop of the precious nectar escape my mouth. I covet your labia and lick it slowly with my tongue with my mouth firmly affixed to your womanhood. Your clitoris is but a button I suck, lick and tease to hear your moans of pleasure. I smell your scent getting stronger the longer I eat you, 10 minutes and you are nice and wet but at 20 minutes you are bursting with flavor, your inner thighs are beginning to tremble as your organism builds inside you like a volcano and suddenly you cum all over my face and scream with pleasure as the juices of your pussy flow like lava and I lick and swallow every drop. I am as hard as a rock as I know I have given you extreme pleasure. I lay my head on your stomach and bask in the wetness and scent of a satisfied woman. I know I am a man as I brought you to climax and back. Nothing pleases me more than to eat your pussy.

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